Created at Agency3.


Terra Infographics

In 2012 Terra were looking for a new brand direction. The focus was moved onto their use of cutting edge technology and excellent boot design. The boots are now presented as high-tech pieces of machinery and highlight the years of innovation and R&D that goes into each one. To complement the new technical direction of the Terra brand I created detailed illustrations, not unlike the ones you may find in a scientific manual.


Terra Catalogue

The Terra catalogue also had to reflect the new direction. Again I employed visuals that alluded to the hi-tech aspects of Terra boots. Featured photography such as the cover was treated as to appear like a futuristic city.



Terra Unity

Terra Unity boots are aimed directly at the uniformed services such as the police and security personnel. This brochure presented the footwear in the same manner as a high tech gadget. The brochure was printed with an additional silver ink. I aslo created packaging and extra materials such as boot hangtags (seen below).


Created at Agency3.